Welcome to the Filipino Dad Blog!

Hi everyone!  I’m (soon to be) a first time dad, with my wife almost 7 months pregnant.  We’re having a little girl and I’m sure you’ve heard of the belief that little girls are closer to their dads.  I can’t wait for my own Daddy’s Girl!

Today is Father’s Day and I couldn’t think of a better time to launch this blog.  Through the months that my wife’s pregnant, I realized that this is hard work!  Every single day, I learn something new.  This is what this blog is all about. This is to help my fellow Filipino dads and all the dads out there as well.  I’ll provide tips and stories of things that I encounter along the way.  You can think of this blog as your very own support system.

I’ll be posting soon!  Here’s to the best dads in the world – the Filipino dads!


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