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Dear Reese (An Open Letter By A Dad For Her 6 Month Old Baby)

Dear Reese, If there’s a perfect example of how time flies, this will be it.  It seems that it was only yesterday when I wrote you this letter.  Now, you’re all grown up.  You can completely roll over so you now have at least 3 sets of eyes watching you so that you don’t fall … Continue reading

Reminiscing About Our Wedding

Every now and then, I reminisce about our wedding.  My wife and I got married last December 26, 2010 so we’ve been married for a little over a year now.  I can’t believe it’s been over a year already.  Maybe the fact that she got pregnant immediately made everything speed by. We prepared for our … Continue reading

Dear Reese

Hi baby!  How’s it going inside your mom’s tummy?  Right now, you’re a little over than 36 weeks old.  You have about 3 weeks to go before you get introduced in this world.  You’re scheduled to be delivered by CS on September 18, 2011.  So it looks like that’s going to be your birthday. Right … Continue reading

Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Obviously, pregnant women gain weight during pregnancy.  It’s not only normal.  It’s also very important that pregnant women gain weight.  Of course, the weight gain should be from a healthy diet to make sure that the baby is getting the nutrients that she needs.     The average weight gain during pregnancy will be dependent … Continue reading

Just Four More Weeks!

Thank God that the sensitive phase of my wife’s pregnancy is done!  If you can remember my previous post, I talked about my wife’s sensitive pregnancy.  We had a couple of challenges.  First, the baby was in a breech position.  Fortunately, Reese heard our prayers so she switched to the normal position. In addition, my … Continue reading