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Dear Reese (An Open Letter By A Dad For Her 6 Month Old Baby)

Dear Reese, If there’s a perfect example of how time flies, this will be it.  It seems that it was only yesterday when I wrote you this letter.  Now, you’re all grown up.  You can completely roll over so you now have at least 3 sets of eyes watching you so that you don’t fall … Continue reading

Baby Love Studio

When my wife was still pregnant, I made a promise to her that we’ll document our baby’s growth.  This means taking pictures every single day.  In addition, I also promised that we’ll take her to a studio specializing in baby photography at least once a month.  So this post is to document a promise that … Continue reading

Reese Miakka at 6 Weeks!

First of all, I’d like to apologize for the lack of updates since my wife gave birth to our little angel – Reese Miakka.  Things have been crazy the past few weeks!  Needless to say, a lot of things have changed. My baby is now a little over than 6 weeks old.  A lot of … Continue reading

What is Jaundice?

I didn’t tell my friends about this, but Reese was hospitalized a week after her birth. 🙁  Exactly a week after her birth, we took her to the hospital for her first check-up with her pedia.  We went there with no reason to be concerned because everything seemed to be okay. Imagine my surprise when … Continue reading

Our Baby’s Home Now!

After spending 4 days in the hospital,we’re finally home.  Actually, Reese has been given the green light to go home as early as yesterday.  She’s that healthy so thank God!  Come to think of it, she has shown signs of great health.  In the nursery, she was the only one without a drop light because … Continue reading