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Cordlife Philippines

Cord Blood Banking Cord blood banking is relatively new in the Philippines.  However, it’s something that’s huge in developed countries like Singapore.  What is it exactly?  Simply put, it’s a service wherein you store your baby’s cord blood. Why would anyone want to store cord blood?  Did you know that the baby’s cord blood is … Continue reading

Reese and Her Immunization Shots

Last month, Dra. Sanchez (Reese’s pedia) gave us an immunization schedule.  In the schedule, it was stated that Reese will receive a bunch of immunization shots during her 2nd month.  As you probably know, time flies when you have a baby and before we know it, we’re already at the hospital for Reese’s shots. Basically, … Continue reading

Work at Home Opportunities for Dads

Gone are the days when dads spend at least 8 hours at work while the moms stay at home to take care of the kids and the household chores.  Nowadays, we now have yayas and househelps to take care of the household chores while moms go out to work as well. I used to work … Continue reading

Things that You can Do to Help your Pregnant Wife

If your wife is pregnant, here’s one thing that you have to know – pregnancy is hard.  Just the mere fact of carrying a baby for 9 months is challenging enough.  In addition, pregnant wives also make a lot of sacrifices. They can’t drink coffee or anything with caffeine. They have to give up any … Continue reading

Benefits of Breastfeeding

Since Day 1, my wife’s determined to breastfeed.  Fortunately, she’s aware of the countless of health benefits that breastfeeding offers.  Sure, there are baby formulas available in the market that promise the same health benefits.  But personally, I don’t think they can replace breastfeeding.  After all, it’s been done since time immemorial, centuries before the … Continue reading