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When my wife was still pregnant, I made a promise to her that we’ll document our baby’s growth.  This means taking pictures every single day.  In addition, I also promised that we’ll take her to a studio specializing in baby photography at least once a month.  So this post is to document a promise that I kept. 🙂

We’ve been noticing that Reese is now very aware of the camera.  When we take pictures, she always pause to look directly at the camera.  Wow!  So we have a future model at hand.

But seriously, Reese will be baptized on December 11 and we want to have pictures that we can display at the reception venue.  We also need a great picture for the tarpaulin.  So these past few days, we’ve been researching on baby photography studios and last week, we actually decided on a studio already.  However, I’m not too comfortable with the idea of paying for a “membership fee”.  What for?  We don’t need to be a member of anything.  We just want their expertise and we’ll pay for it.  It doesn’t help that the membership fee is very expensive.  In addition, you also don’t get to keep the soft copies.  If you want printed copies, you need to pay for them.  At the very least, it’s not a good deal for me.

Baby Love Studio

I did a quick search and I stumbled upon this studio.  I’ve never heard of it before so I did more research.  Needless to say, I loved what I saw.

  • No membership fee
  • Complete and inexpensive packages
  • High-quality work
  • All soft copies saved in a CD that you’ll get

We took advantage of the Baby Love Package A which includes the following:

1. Unlimited shots for 45 minutes (could be shorter or longer depending on outcome ofshots)

2. Three different sets/themes (to be discussed prior to shoot)

3. Advanced editing/ post processing of three selected shots

4. 8R prints of the three selected photos (total of 3 prints)

5. Soft copies of the three edited photos (8R size, 72 dpi)

6. Soft copies of all other shots at 3R size (72 dpi)

You want to know how much we paid for it?  Php 2,600 only!  That’s for the whole Baby Love Package A (Php 2,000) plus Php 600 for the large-format soft copy that we’ll use for the tarp.  We’re quite lucky that we availed of the service before the scheduled price increase today (December 1, 2011).  You can check out the new prices and the other packages here.

Now, it’s important to note that Edilbert (the baby photographer extraordinaire) operates a home studio.  This means that you need to go to his home in order to have the pictures taken.  But come to think of it, this works just fine.  After all, he’s able to cut down on operational costs and he’s able to pass on the savings to us.  It’s a win-win situation, really.

Besides, he has a lovely home filled with cute and lovely kids.  We loved the homey feel.  You can see his 4 kids playing which is perfect.  You know that your baby is in good hands because he himself is a father.  I never felt worried while he’s positioning my baby for the shots.  Besides, he also asked for permission if he can carry the baby.

He also knows “baby talk”.  He makes these sounds that babies seem to love.  So Reese was obviously having fun as well.  We were all tired and hungry but Reese didn’t seem to mind.  But she did take a milk break.  But after that, it’s camera time once again.  What a pro!

We’re lucky that we live near.  His place is about 30 minutes away from us.  I can see that a lot of you might have second thoughts especially if you’re from QC or something.  But believe me, it’s worth it.  If you prefer, you can schedule on a Sunday.  He’s available to shoot all day on weekends.  On that note, he’s only available at nights during weekdays.  If you really can’t make the trip to Multinational Village in Paranaque where he’s located, I believe he does home service as well.

It’s important to note that you need to schedule a photo shoot beforehand.  You can contact Baby Love Studio and include your preferred schedule.  Once everything is ironed out as far as the schedule is concerned, he will discuss possible themes and props with you and he will give directions to his home.

Edilbert can help you keep create memories that you can keep forever.  I will not hesitate in recommending him.  If you still need proof, you can check out these wonderful photos of Reese that he took:

Tip: Click for a bigger image.

Baby Love Studio


Reese Miakka

Reese Recinto


Baby Reese

Note: Prints won’t have watermark on them.

We’ve been cooing all day because of these pictures.  Experience the same and have a photo shoot for your baby at Baby Love Studio.

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