Dear Reese (An Open Letter By A Dad For Her 6 Month Old Baby)

Dear Reese,

If there’s a perfect example of how time flies, this will be it.  It seems that it was only yesterday when I wrote you this letter.  Now, you’re all grown up.  You can completely roll over so you now have at least 3 sets of eyes watching you so that you don’t fall off the bed.  Just last night, your mom and I saw you doing “crunches” as you try to peek from your crib so you can catch a glimpse of your mom and dad.  Oh, don’t get me started on the sounds that you’ve been making!  I can swear that I heard you say “dada” countless of times.  But then again, maybe it’s just me hoping that you start calling me daddy.

baby bullet

Squash! Yum!

You are now eating solids.  You’ve tried brown rice, green peas, squash, banana and apple.  Which one’s your favorite?  It’s apple by a mile.  I know that you’d prefer to eat it for the rest of your life.  But you have to try other foods!  I promise to keep cooking for you forever.  At the very least, until you start eating out with your friends. *sniff*

smiling baby

I'm not sick, daddy. See? I'm smiling!

You just recovered from your first bout with cough and the sniffles.  It’s the weather, baby.  It gets so hot in the mornings and so cold in the evenings.  Thanks to your mom who pumped you with breast milk and medicine, you’re now okay.  Whew!

baby driving

Not until you're 18, babe.

Later on, we’ll tell you about your bout with jaundice.  Well, there are no traces of that now.  You now have a very healthy color.  You’re not tisay but for me, you have the most beautiful color in the world.  Add that to the most beautiful smile in the world and you’re the most beautiful baby girl in the world for me.

cute baby

Where did you hear that rumor, Tito Boy? Haha!

Speaking of beautiful, you have to know that you have a lot of fans on Facebook.  It makes me really proud when people comment on how beautiful you are.  We are really blessed to have you.

cute baby


In addition, you’re also very beautiful within.  Next to your mom, you’re the sweetest girl I know.  I love it how you stroke my face as if you’re telling me that you love me.  Even if you also pinch my nose and remove my glasses every now and then, I know that you’re just letting me know how much you love me.

baby in the field

I love you!

Speaking of beautiful, did you know that you just had your first admirer?  We were inside the base for our weekly frisbee session when this 2 year old kid stared at you for like 5 minutes.  I swear he was just standing there, staring at you the whole time.  Her mom couldn’t pry him away from his gaze.  I was going to say “WTH are you looking at?!” when I remembered that he’s only 2.

Your mom is now very busy with the preparations for your 1st birthday.  We know it’s still 6 months away but we just want to give you the best party ever.  We promise you that it’s going to be awesome.  You’ll look at pictures later on and we do hope that you’ll appreciate the hard work that your mom is putting into it.  I’d like to help with the preparations, but your mom is afraid that I’ll mess things up.  For example, I want an “Angry Birds” theme but she insists on a “Hello Kitty” theme.  Haha!

playtime with baby

I dread the day when I can't do this to you anymore.

You’ve given us sleepless nights.  You’ve given us reasons to worry.  You’ve turned me into a workaholic so I can provide for your future.  You know what?  I LOVE IT.  I’d be more than happy to do it again and again because you turned me into the happiest man in the world.  I love you, Reese.  Your mom loves you too.  I’m sure you’ll do a lot of amazing things each day and we promise to be there to see it.

PS.  We’ll be taking out your Tita Ninangs and Lolo Gwapo and Lola Ganda for lunch on your 6th monthsary.  Your mom is already planning what you’re going to wear.



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2 Responses to Dear Reese (An Open Letter By A Dad For Her 6 Month Old Baby)

  1. Lessons Of A Dad

    Wow, a fellow Pinoy dad blogger. There are so few of us out there, huh?

    Anyway, nice article. Your admiration for Reese just jumps out of the text here.

    Enjoy her, bro.

  2. Jayz

    Hey! Nice to see another Pinoy dad blogger! Thanks for dropping by and thanks for the kind words. 🙂

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