We just had a successful baby shower!

Let’s face it.  Most of the soon to be dads don’t want to have a baby shower.  We feel that it’s not necessary and that it’s just an additional expense.  But just like most dads, I was convinced by my wife to have a baby shower for our baby – Reese Miakka.  Needless to say, it was a fun and exciting event and I’m now a believer that a baby shower is an important part of pre-parenting.

This is because we’re surrounded by families and friends who are more than willing to shower our baby with gifts.  Who are we to reject them?  We just need to make it easier for them by setting aside a special occasion for it.  So last month, we made reservations to hold the baby shower in Dad’s Glorietta for their awesome meryendads.  It’s an all you can eat meryenda buffet for a very low price of Php 189 plus about Php 50 to include bottomless drinks.  I strongly recommend this buffet.  Just make sure to schedule the event at 3 – 5PM because that’s their only window for meryendads.  Our guests loved the wide selection of food.  Unfortunately, we weren’t able to enjoy the food because we had to entertain our guests. We’re not complaining, though!

That’s another reason why you have to have a baby shower.  It’s a good chance to bring together your families and friends. We feel loved that almost all of our invited guests came even with the horrendous Saturday traffic.  Almost 60 people came and they immediately mingled with one another.  They’re in the company of great friends while enjoying great food. Best of all, they’re showering a baby girl with gifts!  I saw the smiles on their faces.

Speaking of gifts, we registered with Rustan’s which is like the tradition for baby showers, baptisms and weddings.  You need to go there personally to choose your preferred gifts.  They have prepared lists already but we chose to choose our preferred gifts.

There’s nothing wrong about signing up for a baby shower registry.  After all, you wouldn’t want to received 50 bottles and 100 bibs, right?  This way, your guests won’t have any problems buying gifts.  Just make sure not to force them to buy gifts.  Their presence is already a huge gift.  The wrapped gifts are just a huge bonus.

We can’t wait to have our little Reese Miakka so she can use her gifts!  We’re excited to see you!

Baby Shower

Baby Shower of Reese Miakka Recinto

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