Dear Reese

Dear Reese

Dear Reese

Hi baby!  How’s it going inside your mom’s tummy?  Right now, you’re a little over than 36 weeks old.  You have about 3 weeks to go before you get introduced in this world.  You’re scheduled to be delivered by CS on September 18, 2011.  So it looks like that’s going to be your birthday.

Right now, your mom and I are already planning for your baptism and first birthday.  We’re sorry for being too excited, baby.  We just can’t wait for you to arrive.  Don’t worry because we’re not yet planning for your debut.  I dread the day that you’ll turn into a full-grown woman.  Can you stay as a baby forever?

We know that’s not possible.  So we’ll just make sure to spend every minute with you until you’re old enough and you feel that hanging out with your folks is not “cool”.  We know that you’ll soon have friends and *gasp* boyfriend.  But until then, we’ll be your best friends.  We promise to take you out on dates to watch animated movies and eat at Jollibee or whatever your favorite restaurant is going to be.

e made a lot of sacrifices for you and we know that we’re going to sacrifice a lot more.  But as early as now, we thank you for making us feel that it’s all worth it.  You are our blessing and miracle rolled into one.

It will be at least 5 years (or 3 if you’re gifted) before you get to read and understand this letter.  Until then, we’ll let you feel how much we love you.  You won’t understand yet when we say I love you.  So let’s communicate with hugs and kisses.  Just giggle if you’re enjoying it and cry if we’re embarrassing you.  But you are surrounded by people who love you and I’m sure you’ll enjoy all the attention.

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I’m sorry if daddy is a little emotional right now.  We just had an ultrasound done so we can see you again and we really can’t explain how we feel right now.  It’s a mixture of joy and anxiety.  We’re happy that our marriage will soon be blessed by your arrival.  But we’re anxious as well.  We want to make sure that we can give you everything that you’ll need.  Don’t worry.  We’ll do anything to make sure that you experience the best things in life.  For now, we bought the cutest clothes and we’ll surely take a lot of pictures so you can see how cute you were as a baby.

So looks like it’s all systems go for your arrival.  But please, don’t make it hard for mommy, okay?  We’re all praying for your safe delivery and we’re sure that God will answer our prayers.  So see you on September 18!

We love you and we can’t wait to see you!

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