How Much Should You Pay Your Yaya?

Yaya Salary

Yaya Salary

As mentioned from a previous post, we’ll be picking up our yaya tomorrow.  I’m crossing all fingers hoping that she’s heaven-sent.  After all, it’s really hard to find a good yaya these days.  Thanks to a referral, we only spent about a month trying to find one.  We’re not planning on spending more time than that so we’re hoping that she passes our strict requirements with flying colors.

If she indeed passes, we’ll have to talk about the salary.  After all, we’re paying for her services.  She actually has an idea when it comes to the compensation package because we already gave her this information.  So it’s obvious that the compensation that we’re offering is okay with her.

Before we made our compensation package, I did my own research.  I browsed through several online communities in order to know how much people are paying yayas and househelps these days.  I was surprised at the discrepancies.  Some people are paying their yayas Php 1,500 only while some are paying more than Php 4,000.  In addition, some of them are offering added benefits while others are not.

Now, it’s important to note that the Senate has already passed the Senate Bill No. 78 or the “Kasambahay Bill”.  This is timely considering the fact that the bill regarding our househelps and yayas are so outdated.  I remember reading that with the old bill, the minimum wage for a househelp or yaya in Manila is around Php 1,000.  That’s not right.

“All human beings, no matter their station in life, should be accorded full dignity and guaranteed full respect for human rights,” said Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile. “Most house helpers endure abuse in the hands of their employers. This bill not only ensures the rights of our helpers, but will also protect them from being maltreated.”

Minimum wage

The minimum wage depends on where you’re located.  The same thing applies even with the new “Kasambahay Bill”.

  • Php 2,500 (Manila rate)
  • Php 2,000 (Chartered cities and first-class municipalities)
  • Php 1,500 (Third-class municipalities)

Additional benefits

In addition to the minimum wage, an employer is also required to extend the following benefits:

  • SSS
  • Philhealth
  • Pag-IBIG
  • ECC

All of these information should be in a contract that’s in a language that can be understood by both the employer and the househelp.  The contract should last no longer than two years and it should also include the working hours and rest days.

Our yaya’s compensation package

Even if the bill is still waiting for PNoy’s signature, I fully intend to give our yaya a competitive compensation package.  Please note that we’re living in Lipa City which is a chartered city.  So according to the new law, I should pay our yaya a minimum of Php 2,000 per month.

In addition, we’re expecting our yaya to also help around with the house chores.  Please note that me and my wife are both working at home and we fully intend to take care of our baby as well.  So in a way, we’re only looking for a part-time yaya.  While she’s not doing anything, she’s expected to help around the house.  Of course, we’ll see later on if she can handle such load.  I’m confident that she can since we’ll be hands-on with raising our baby.

There will be some sort of probationary period wherein we’ll pay our yaya Php 3,000 without any additional benefits.  Of course, she’ll be living in with us so basic needs like food and water are taken care of.  In addition, we’ll also be providing her with the basic toiletries like shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste.

As a suggestion, tell your yaya how much toiletries you’re going to give her so that she’ll not waste anything. If she consumes more than her allotted toiletries, she’ll have to pay for them herself. I’ve read some stories wherein the yaya was sending the toiletries to her family in the province and she keeps on asking for new toiletries.

There will be a three-month probationary period.  If she proves to be worthy of “regularization”, we’ll be offering the following benefits together with the Php 3,000 a month salary:

  • SSS, Philhealth, Pag-IBIG and ECC
  • 13th month pay
  • Yearly increase

We believe that the package is competitive enough.  I believe in taking care of our helpers so they can take care of us.  It’s a win-win situation.

How much are you paying your yaya?  Let’s talk about it in the comments section.

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9 Responses to How Much Should You Pay Your Yaya?

  1. Rochelle

    Hi, thanks for the info. Right now i am paying 3,500 for my yaya of 3 years but she will be leaving us next month which worries me a lot because i still have a small child. Hope you can help me find one, maybe a friend would refer a yaya to you that you wont be needing anymore. I am offering 3,000 to start with. Thanks

  2. Jayz

    Hi! I don’t have anyone to refer right now. But where are you located? Make sure to read this post!

  3. Wenna

    okay had to delete that. bad grammar. I was typing too fast and not thinking

    Where did you get your info on the rates? Just wondering.Because I read from INquirer that the ave. salary for yayas in Mla is P3,986/mo. I was researching on this topic because my tita from the province laughed when I told her I’m willing to pay P2,500. She said that rate was so 5 years ago. That 4k is the standard rate. pffft.

    • Jayz

      Thanks for sharing the link. I think the author was referring to the average that people pay their Yaya’s, not the required minimum.

      You can check out this PDF file from the Senate:!.pdf

      Of course, there are employers willing to offer a higher rate and yaya’s and househelpers know this.

  4. Mareeyah

    Thanks for this helpful post! I’ve been researching all afternoon about baby-related stuff, in preparation for the birth of a baby that we will be adopting. Since our case is a bit complicated, I thought of getting a yaya to help out, but I’m clueless about hiring one. Salamat sa post mo and for the tips you’ve shared. 🙂

  5. wey cordova

    I’ve been searching for a yaya for a month now. however i do not know where to find one. please help.

  6. Joz

    updated po ba itong Minimum wage? for year 2015? thanks a lot po

    The minimum wage depends on where you’re located. The same thing applies even with the new “Kasambahay Bill”.

    Php 2,500 (Manila rate)
    Php 2,000 (Chartered cities and first-class municipalities)
    Php 1,500 (Third-class municipalities)

  7. Filipina Malto

    Thanks for sharing your idea & knowledge.
    I’m thinking to get our yaya. But only to assist me, i am full time & hands on mom. I only need somebody to assist me & watch my 2 yr old daughter while breastfeeding my 4mos old. But I will do all, taking them for bath, nap & even washed their poo. I’m from province now & do u think 2k is worth as starting wage. Thanks much!

  8. kim

    Hi! Just wanted to ask how much my mother should pay our yaya. Well, she’s no longer a yaya in my eyes, more like a “nanay” or second mother. I don’t think my mother is paying her right and giving her the benefits she need. My mom doesnt give her SSS or PhilHealth.
    She is 18yrs in service, yet her salary is still around 3,000php.

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